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A few years ago, singer and model Ava Cherry came my way through social media. Soon the contact felt like a "meant to be" connection and it resulted in a warm friendship and several artistic collaborations. With the David Bowie World Fan Convention in 2024 coming up (Ava was David Bowie's lover and muse in the 1970s), we decided together as creative souls to plunge into an even closer collaboration. A different take on merchandise led to, what we believe, uniquely designed products. High quality giclee prints, limited edition t-shirts, organic cotton tote bags and what's to come. We will amaze you! Don't forget to follow this website and page regularly for updates. Please fill out the contact form if there are any questions and suggestions. 

Limited edition t-shirts & bags (numbered and signed)

These unique numbered and signed T-shirts and organic tote bags will be handed over at the David Bowie World Fan Convention 2024 in Liverpool and you can pre-order now! Who has number 1/50? Don't forget to specify the size and number. The prices of the T-shirts and tote bags include VAT.

All Bella+Canvas black melange shirts and organic tote bags are high-quality printed in a typical Hague company called Screenhouse textile printers . This company has over 25 years of experience and is a household name in The Hague and far beyond!

Limited edition giclee prints 

Especially for the fans, I had a limited edition giclee prints produced. You can order the prints now!
The very high-quality prints are numbered and signed by me and come with a certificate of authenticity. They are shipped securely packaged in a sturdy tube and the fragile prints are protected by greaseproof paper. Shipping costs via DHL within Europe are €25.00. Tax included. For special requests or if you live outside of Europe please contact me using the contact form below.
For additional information about the prints and recommendations regarding the choice of a frame and passe-partout visit this page

A limited edition giclee print of 25 in total. Size 50 x 40 cm (16,69 x  15,75 inch). You can fill out the contact form to request more information or to inquire which issue is in the series. 

A limited edition giclee print of 25 in total. Size 58 x 65 cm (22,83 x 59 inch). You can fill out the contact form to request more information or to inquire which issue is in the series. 

Art rooms

Here are some examples of how you can use the purchased products to beautify your interior. The giclée prints can of course be framed and hung beautifully, but so can the shirts, especially if they are signed. Many fans find it a waste to wear them in such cases and hang the framed shirts on the wall! Not a crazy idea right? Let your imagination run wild!

All that glitters

To learn more about Ava's incredible life and journey, her memoir "ALL THAT GLITTERS" is a must read! Click this link to order the book! 

NOTE! A limited number of signed books will be for sale at the Convention! 

David bowie world fan convention 2024 

To order pre-existing Bowie t-shirts, click this link to go directly to the David Bowie World Fan Convention 2024 webshop.
At this convention in Liverpool Ava and I will be present and show our products to you and of course sign them! More info to follow soon!

Ava and I at the Bowie Ball at the Racket in NYC 2023


For more information about the pre-orders or other suggestions and questions, please fill out the contact form below.