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Portrait on commission
For several years I have specialized in, among other things, making portraits on commission. Many of my portraits hang in private, museum and corporate collections. You can contact me for a portrait in oil paint (on panel) as well as watercolor or drawing. It is also possible to have a posthumous portrait made and recently I also make portraits of animals on commission! If you are interested, please feel free to contact me via the contact page.



I proceed as follows when portraying. After the introduction and making a choice for the desired format and accompanying technique, the posing session follows, which consists of a photo session and a live session (s), depending on the wishes of the customer and myself. The desired location and, for example, the choice of clothing are also determined. These are all matters that have a major influence on the end result and overall appearance of the portrait. You will be continuously informed of the progress and any adjustments or changes via email. Payment is made in 3 installments: 1/3 in advance, 1/3 during and 1/3 after completion of the portrait. The amount of the price depends on the chosen format, the technique and the amount of details. In my price indication I assume a smooth background without further additional detailing and / or decoration.


Price indication
Drawing:              45x 35 cm from € 750, -
Watercolor:          35 x 30 cm from € 850, -
Oil on panel:        35 x 35 cm from € 1.750, -
                           50 x 40 cm from € 2.500, -
                           65 x 50 cm from € 3.250, -

For further information about the sale of the artworks and portraits on commission, you can contact me at info@arjanvangent.nl or call me +31618216411