Entirely in the tradition of the theme (which originated as early as the late 16th century in the Low Countries), I have focused on painting genre paintings in my free work.
A genre painter is strictly speaking a painter who depicts scenes from everyday life. The product of a genre painter is called a genre piece. The term has a rather broad conception and often they are depictions with a moralistic slant. The Delft 17th century master Johannes Vermeer (1632-1675) has always been a great example to me and this fellow townsman has influenced many a painting. Most of his paintings depict intimate, serene and "good citizen" scenes, in which the persons depicted are engaged in daily activities and seem more or less "caught" by the painter. That intimacy, the role of light and the well-balanced compositions that characterize his small oeuvre have always remained a great source of inspiration for me.
My most recent series of oil paintings and watercolors includes the theme "woman and cat". This series is still in the process of development. It is my wish to give the universal theme of intimacy between man and animal also an international character with female models from all corners of the world.