Wall of Fame

This series of now more than 90 portraits is a tribute to musicians who have framed important moments in my life. For me they are the icons of our time. The works in mixed techniques are made with the material ArtGraf https://www.viarco.pt/en/artgraf-products/ (pigment blocks that can be liquefied) and finished with (colored) pencil. I have been inspired by techniques from the early Renaissance and artists such as Albrecht Dürer (1471-1528) Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) are my examples. Just like these artists, I have prepared and colored the durable acid-free 400 gram museum cardboard myself. You can see exactly how I work on my many unique YouTube videos in which many musicians, now friends of mine, composed music especially for me or gave me permission to use their music. Prices for an original artwork start at €750 (size 40 x 30 cm). For questions and/or more information you can also send me a message through the Contact form. At the moment I'm working on a book called "The Wall of Fame and other stories" in which I describe my (childhood) memories and my encounters with these special musicians. Keep an eye on my site for the latest news!