Dutch television

Herewith a link to my participation in the television program "the New Vermeer" in 2023. This popular broadcast was watched by 1.3 million people! And this is the link to an article in the NY times. In the photo that appeared with the article, I am on the left in the picture.

A broadcast on TV West in which I am interviewed about my contacts with Bowie alumni and solo exhibition at Pulchri Studio in which, among other things, I pay tribute to my musical hero. In this case, I do a live portrait of good friend, Bowie's bassist at the time of the Serious Moonlight (1983) and Glass Sider Tour (1987), Carmine Rojas. Interview by Rob Vlastuin.

Interview on Dutch television of Johan Cruijff and I during the Nieuwsuur broadcast about the exhibition at the Amsterdam Historical Museum "Johan and me" in 2012. 

My participation in the famous television program "Stars on the Canvas" in 2012. The person portrayed was presenter Caroline Tensen.