Relatively recent are my paintings and drawings of pets and in particular cats. While browsing the internet and specialized books for depictions of cats in art I noticed that the results were not very pleasing to me. Except of course the paintings of great masters like Henriëtte Ronner-Knip, the Amsterdam painter Sal Meijer, Balthus and some very early Egyptian examples.
Much of what I encounter about cats in art is, in my opinion, of a considerable tawdry content and I wanted to avoid that. I find cats graceful and mysterious and wanted to capture them especially differently. I think that my extensive experience as a portrait painter certainly helped me to capture the specific characters of my much-loved four-legged friends. In addition to a series of over 25 paintings of my own cats (Nina, Ziggy and the sadly deceased Vossie and Lola), I have now painted many cats on commission and am currently working hard on my cat book "Children with fur". For questions about sales and commissions please contact me via the Contact form.