still life

Although it comprises only a small part of my oeuvre, painting still lifes is a welcome addition to my free work. I have tried to find original approaches by painting, in particular, homages to painters I admire such as Jan Mankes, Vermeer, Rembrandt and the still life painter Adriaen Coorte (1659-1707). In addition to the famous still lifes of asparagus, among others, the still lifes of shells in particular gave me the inspiration to create my own shell series. I chose to give a "nod" to Coorte's refined, highly intimate scenes, but wanted to add something meaningful to them. In composing, I chose different compositions with an often panoramic cutout, but even more important was the addition of a reflection on a glass plate. For me, that meant a subtle association with the sea. This series is not over yet either, and my collection of shells from all corners of the world is an infinite source of variation in this regard!