"ON THE WINGS OF MY TIME" 08 | 01-31 | 03 2021 Anniversary Exhibition at Pulchri Studio


Let me introduce you to an impression of “My Tribute to David Bowie (1947-2016)”


Arjan van Gent is exhibiting in the Klinkenberggalerie I & II of the famous Pulchri Studio Art Gallery which can be found on the Lange Voorhout The Hague. The exhibition is to mark the occasion of his 50th birthday which he celebrated last summer but had to be postponed due to the Covid 19 virus, the opening will take place when Corona restrictions are lifted or measures are put in place by the government, unfortunately this is not yet known.  


Films of Bowie’s concerts are projected onto the wall with the portraits and also a screen mounted on the back wall, both viewable from the street. The exhibition has been set up in two rooms from 8 January and contains a wide selection from his oeuvre. The emphasis is on Arjan’s work in recent years. You can also enjoy works by photographer friends of the artist like Bernard Rübsamen, Stella Loning, Sanne Gielens and artist Esther Dieltjes. All are uniquely connected with the celebrating artist.


Portraits of cats, women with cats and still life are the main subjects of the oil paintings, water colours and drawings. Intimacy and the role of light are the striking features of Arjan’s work.  Arjan van Gent's classical illusionistic painting style is closely related to our rich Dutch tradition.


Exclusive to this exhibition is the presentation of a series of portraits of the artist's musical heroes. There is an extremely special tribute to David Bowie, who died exactly five years ago on January 10th. The homage includes a series of portraits of Bowie, supplemented with portraits of his former band members.


Arjan van Gent has recently built up a lasting friendship with these musicians. They worked closely together on his collective art works, as you can experience when watching “the making of” videos. These are all provided with musical accompaniments composed and played by them. A completely unique project, the first presentation of which took take place on January 8, Bowie's birthday.


But 'coincidence is logical', Johan Cruijff once said. This legendary football player is also a hero of the artist and can therefore be seen in his portraits. It all started with a drawing of Cruijff when Arjan was a twelve-year-old boy. The artist will be happy to tell you and show you exactly how that works ...


This exhibition is made possible in part by collector Fred Klomp who bought the first oil painting by Arjan van Gent in Pulchri Studio during the exhibition "Jonge Honden Oude Helden (1999). [Young Dogs Old Heroes]